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Marketing Your Art

Marketing Your Art Marywood University  MFA Masters with the Masters Program Instructor:   Lisa L. Cyr   Description: This insightful distance learning course assists designers and illustrators in breaking through the competitive landscape with engaging and thought-provoking promotional initiatives that will inspire, motivate and most importantly, get response. Branding, new business development, target marketing, integrated cross-media strategies, public relations, collaborative endeavors, social media and viral initiatives as well as entrepreneurial approaches are just some of the topics covered. The instructor will work with each student to develop promotional materials for their creative business. The goal is to not only assist students in elevating their brand but also guide them in properly positioning themselves in the creative marketplace. The role of the designer and illustrator is evolving and this distance learning course will inspire all to think outside the box whe
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Final Presentations

Here is the order and sequence of topics to include in your final presentation on Friday. You will need to watch all four video lectures to assist you. GENERAL: 1. Introduce yourself and your unique voice and vision as an illustrator, conveying your brand in a clear and consise way. 2. Discuss the market(s) that you plan to work in and why. 3. What is your big career goal? What are you working towards? PROJECT SPECIFIC: 1. Show and talk about the specific promotional initiative you created for class. If it is a print initiative, show all the components, including packaging, labels, etc. If it is a website, include all the pages. 2. Discuss the target market(s) for the promotional initiative you created for class. 3. Discuss how you will launch the initiative, including timing and frequency (if applicable). 4. If your initative is print-based, how will you use other promotion-based media to further promote your messaging? Be specific. 5. If you a


Living the Creative Life Video Interview  (Part 1 + 2) Check out my  two-part video interview with the fabulous Madeline Faiella. I discuss creative work and life as an artist, sharing insights and experiences. Check out the Videos: Article: Inspirational Quotes: Creative Life Free Resources: Talking About Your Work Even If You Hate Speaking Podcast: 5 Hour Rule:  Nine things that Happen When You Carry a Sketchbook:

About Me Pages

Write your About Me text. Keep it focused, use the right descriptive words and read it aloud to see if it flows. Use you branding worksheet and mind maps to assist you. Your About Me text, once finalized and approved, will be used on your website. To accompany your text, take a head shot of yourself or illustrate a self-portrait for promotional and public relation purposes. Here are samples of ABOUT ME PAGES from former students: Kelsey Phillips Kvita Horbaliuk Leslie M. Ward Monique Maloney Meg Auchenbach Ann Lemon Vince Bonavoglia Brenda Bodily Mark Wilson

Building Communities through Content

Today, there so are many avenues to promote your work online to a diverse, international audience. There are pros and cons to this abundance of media. I have found that there are only a small handful of creatives that utilize what is out there effectively. The majority of artists either get consumed by it or ban themselves from utilizing it at all.  If you have lots of extra time on our hands and want to play with social media for fun, that's fine. But, for most professional artists who are running a business, time is a very valuable resource. So, it is important to know how to utilize the media in the most effective way. Your goal, first and foremost, is the create GREAT CONTENT . You can do all kinds of things to get people to your site. If you don't retain those prospects, you have gained nothing and have lost a lot of time and effort. You need to change your focus. Use the media to promote a project that has a way to either make a sale, retain a prospect for future sale

Websites of Interest

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NHIA 2016

Here are just some of the projects created in my  PRO-210   Promoting & Packaging Yourself  during the Fall of 2016 at  NHIA . Check out their websites (click on each of their names), social media (on their websites), artist head shots, videos, resumes/CVs and identity systems! During the class, they also created an artist journal to work on brand development as well as internship, mentor and market outreach. Clara Hartman    Photography Major Check out Clara's  Interview on ZDF Germany ! Helena Akhtar    Photography Major Tia Carbone Graphic Design Major Arthur Tam Graphic Design Major Tess Cheney Graphic Design Major Boat House  from  Tess Cheney  on  Vimeo . Samantha Brown Illustration Major Olivia Smith Illustration Major Arthur Budak Illustration Major Denisse Molina Fine Art Major Deanna Taylor Fine Art Major Britta