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Your Marketing Plan

Before you can begin to put together a marketing plan for your work, you need to fully identify the unique vision that you bring to the world, articulating what makes you different from the competition. A brand analysis is integral to establishing a clear picture of your work and determining its positioning in the marketplace. It will also guide me in assisting you in putting together the appropriate body of work and connecting it with the appropriate target market. Since it is always wise to channel your time and money resources wisely, it is best to focus on one key target market at a time. If you have not yet established or identified an existing brand, it is best to start the process. The best way to begin is to take an honest look at not only your working process and approach, experience, capabilities, client relations and market preferences but also your core beliefs and values, creative interests and aspirations. They are what collectively make your offerings unique. By defining
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PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES 2021 SUMMER SESSION SCHEDULE MONDAY JULY 12, 2021 DAY ONE: STUDENT PRESENTATIONS &  MARKETING PLAN ASSIGNMENT  9:00am to 12:00  2:15pm to 4:45pm Each student will share a concise ten-minute presentation on the current state of their branding, marketing  and future promotional strategy for their work. The focus of the presentation should communicate to the instructors  where each of you is at in regards to your work and where you would like to go with your marketing efforts.   We want to know where you want to take your work in the near future as well as what your big goals are. What do you want to be know for? What do you see as your brand and what do you uniquely offer markets. What are the specific markets/clients that you want to do work for? In order to best guide you, we need to not only know where you have been but where you want to drive your work next. You can create your presentation in Powerpoint and convert it to a PDF. It eliminates opening progra

Marketing Your Art

Marketing Your Art Marywood University  MFA Masters with the Masters Program Instructor:   Lisa L. Cyr   Description: This insightful distance learning course assists designers and illustrators in breaking through the competitive landscape with engaging and thought-provoking promotional initiatives that will inspire, motivate and most importantly, get response. Branding, new business development, target marketing, integrated cross-media strategies, public relations, collaborative endeavors, social media and viral initiatives as well as entrepreneurial approaches are just some of the topics covered. The instructor will work with each student to develop promotional materials for their creative business. The goal is to not only assist students in elevating their brand but also guide them in properly positioning themselves in the creative marketplace. The role of the designer and illustrator is evolving and this distance learning course will inspire all to think outside the box whe