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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Interactive Storytelling

When it comes to engaging an audience, interactive and new media initiatives are at the forefront. Because of advances in technology and the Internet, we are seeing a plethora of digital entertainment vehicles introduced into the culture. The opportunities seem endless. “More than any other genre of entertainment, gaming advancements are happening at an absolutely mind-boggling rate and the need to stay on top of technology is critical,” details Daniel Dociu, concept artist and chief art director for NCsoft North America. “When the next generation of gaming hardware comes out, the potential of the machines is high and developers need to question how they can best use or take advantage of the com­put­ing power. A lot of the time, it means more man­power and bigger budgets to create; an approach where more is more.” To read more go to my article in Communication Arts on Interactive Storytelling.

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