Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Podcasting with Aspiring Artists!

Check out the podcasts that I did with my teaching partners at New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) children's author Paul Durham and graphic novelist Cory Levine I am so proud of the students who volunteered to talk about their work, process and goals! Now they get to share their dreams and aspirations with the world!

From the host of Telling Lies to Children Podcast Paul Durham "This is Part One of a special two-part series recorded live, on-campus, at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. NHIA is currently the only college in the country offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts.

I teach professional practices at NHIA and recently combined forces with my faculty colleagues, Lisa Cyr and Cory Levine, to give our first year students an opportunity to practice talking about their work. Volunteers were invited to participate in a podcast interview in front of a live audience of their peers. The episode is a little experimental and a bit of a departure from my usual format, but it was fun to hear young artists talk about their art, influences, and experiences as fine arts students."


# 26 - Live with the BFA Students at NHIA (Part I)


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