Sunday, November 6, 2016

Working with Galleries

Many galleries require exclusive representation by geographic area or sales. They usually work on a commission percentage but some buyout at wholesale (very rare). Consult a lawyer before signing any contracts that are confusing to you.

Look for galleries that currently promote work in your genre. Go online for contact names.

Look for gallery listings in:
Artsy Listings of Galleries

Art in NY FREE Resource Guide

Gallery Guides Online Listing

Art in America/Annual Guide

The Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market

List of University Art Galleries and Museums in the US by State

The Art Guide

Go gallery touring when visiting large cities and make detailed notes.

Personal Identity Package & Promotional Materials
Many galleries are now accepting electronic submissions through PDFs


Artist statement

Reproductions of work 

Digital Catalog

List of Works (title, medium, size, date, price, your name & copyright)

Head shot

Copy of reviews where your work is highlighted

Business card

Cover Letter 

For print submissions use a SASE and comment card (write gallery name on it for identification)

Consistent body of work to show

Confident attitude and clear understanding of work and goals

Follow up on both acceptances and rejections/make notes

Find out when they want to see originals, ask about the responsible party for shipping costs, framing, hanging, promo materials, etc.

What is their commission?

Calculating Your Desired Income 100 - Gallery commission = your % of income received THEN desired income = RETAIL PRICE your % income

CO-Op Galleries: (usually run by a group of artists) each artist helps in operating and maintaining the space. A % of sales is taken for expenses.

Vanity (Rental) Galleries: You rent space and organize your own show and promotion of it. BEWARE!

Shops: Low budget art/ no promo by shop and usually run on a 50/50 consignment.

Fairs & Trade shows: Booth rental where you must have your own display (rain, shine, or wind), business forms, etc. Some trade shows are juried and have competitions. Some are in large facilities and run regularly.

Resume for Gallery Work - Education:

Degrees: order of most recent (MFA, BFA) Art Institutions attended Artists studied under

Gallery Affiliation: Gallery name(s), Place

Teaching: List Schools, Colleges, Institutions, etc.

Organizations, Institutions, Colleges, etc. Lecture Title, Place (City, State) Artist in Residences: Residence, City, State Project

Professional Affiliations: Organizations, Clubs, Memberships etc.

Exhibitions: Select One Person Shows and Group Shows

Awards, Grants, Fellowships: List Project and Organization Public & Corporate Collections: List Client and Place (ex: ABC Financial, Boston, MA)

Published Books & Articles: (written on your work or commissioned)

Annual TEFAF Art Market Report (Art Market Research)

Corporate Art Dealers/Consultants:

Articles of Interest:
Navigating the Art World

The Inside Story: Tips from Four World Class Galleries

Artist Residencies, Fellowships & Foundations

National Endowment for the Arts

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