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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Publishing Markets

For artists and authors wanting to create works for books or magazines, here are some insights. Many publishers are merging and many are being bought out and dissolved. A main publishing house may have many divisions and imprints under it.


Primary Contacts: Creative Director, Art Director or Acquisitions Editor

Types: Mass Market, Trade, Children's Books, Text Books & Educational

Always be aware of the publisher's marketing intentions especially when royalties are concerned. Some publishers will pay for models, props, photography etc.

Go to a large bookstore to see where your work would fit. Make note of publishers and look up their contact information and recent book list online.

Mass Market Books:

They are positioned to sell in general merchandising outlets and carry a varied distribution to retailers.

Types: Romance, Western, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery


Must have a strong knowledge of the genre in which you want to work.

Literary Marketplace
Infinite Worlds by Vincent DiFate
Love Lines... Romance Reader's Guide to Printed Pleasures by Rosemary Guiley

Trade Books:
They are sold and marketed towards trade locations like bookstores. They range in subject matter and style. (Use a range from photography, graphic solutions and illustration on covers). Since the printing runs are low, the compensation is lower than mass market books. They are produced in both hard and soft cover editions and usually are larger in format than paperback books. Hard cover freelance assignments should negotiate a soft cover reprint price at the time of the hard cover contract.

Literary and International Literary Marketplace
Writer's Market Covers & Jackets by Steven Heller & Anne Fink
Art for the Written Word 25 Yrs of Book Cover Art by Wendell Minor

Children's Books:
Children's Books (picture books) are usually a 32-page books that illustrate a very short text. They are targeted toward children as well as parents, educators and libraries. Models, props, etc. are sometimes reimbursable expenses with publishers. Also be aware of the intentions of marketing the book and how your work will be promoted and made into other adaptations (film, audio merchandise, etc.)

Tips: Must demonstrate a strong knowledge of character development with a narrative quality. Multicultural diversity is also good. You may want to have your contracts reviewed over by a lawyer because of the time commitment and royalty/payment set-up. Royalties run on the average 5% up to 15,000 copies and 6.25% thereafter. This doubles if you also write the book.

Submit your book dummies with a manuscript, color samples, cover letter, SASE and comment card. Make sure to register the pictures and text with the Library of Congress first.

Children's Writers & Illustrators Market
Children's Book Council
Society of Illustrators Children's Book Panel & Exhibition
Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
Book Links
American Library Association
The Very Best of Children's Book Illustration by the Society of Illustrators
NYC Writing for Young Children by Claudia Lewis
Writing & Illustrating Children's Books... Two Perspectives by Berthe Amos & Eric Suben

Educational publishing is a lot of work for hire so be aware. Spot illustrations and work demonstrating or showing a process.

Magazines and Newspapers have a specific personality and profile. Seek out the publications that fit your work or personality, ranging from trade to consumer. Magazines Newspapers Newsletters (often considered advertising as they are produced for in-house purposes or for distribution)

Primary Contacts:

Editorial Office (located in the publication table of contents)
Art Director

Tips: Newspapers have quick turn-around times and are limited in reproductive quality. Magazines have greater creative possibilities and reach a more targeted audience. You should show a strong knowledge of the medium with an understanding of the relationship between copy and art.

SRDS (Trade and Consumer) Media Kits
Gale Directory of Publications
Editor and Publisher Yearbook
Gebbie Directory
Ulrich Intl. Periodical Directory
Society of Publication Designers
Society of Illustrators
Editor & Publisher Magazine
Publishers Weekly Publish

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