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Corporate, Advertising and Design Markets

Corporations may work directly with an outside agency but a lot have an in-house creative department.


VP Marketing/Corporate Communications
Marketing. Manager(s) (product/service specific)
Advertising Mgr. (in charge of promotional)
Product Manager(s)

Tips: Organizational hierarchy will vary.
Not very visual people. Need to communicate strongly with words.
May have to present work to a group, attend meetings and conference calls.
Experience in working with Creative Briefs.

O'Dwyer's Directory of Corp. Communications
Standard Directory of Advertisers
Thomas Register of Manufacturers
Business Magazines Top 100 Advertisers Lists
Advertising Clubs
Trade Organizations
Art Director's Club
Direct Marketing Association
Chamber of Commerce

Advertising Age
Target Marketing
Marketing & Media Decisions
Trade Specific Publications

Advertising Agency: (full-service) provides their clients with all the necessary services to handle their advertising efforts.

Job Functions & Responsibilities:
1. Account Services - responsible for agency/client relationship
2. Creative Services
- responsible for the design, production and control (traffic control) of projects.
             a. creative directors
             b. art directors
             c. designers
             d. layout and tech support
             e. writers, and other specialists
3. Marketing - media planning and placement, research, and sales promotion
4. Business Administration & Finance - accounting, office management, and personnel
5. Special Division - task force (new accounts, etc.)

Tips: Agencies require a strong knowledge of media (ie. newspaper vs. magazine) and reproduction (k/o, bleeds, traps, etc).

Projects will range from 2D and 3D print to broadcast animation. Clients will also vary.

Have some work in context.

Experience in working with Creative Briefs.

May have to present work to a group, attend meetings or conference calls.

High comprehensive layouts may be required for approval instead of roughs or sketches.

Your price will be marked up (17.65% is the industry standard).
A la Carte Agencies: an independent providing select agency services

Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies
Adweek Agency Directory
Business Magazines Top 100 Lists
American Association of Advertising Agencies
Advertising Clubs
Art Director's Club
Chamber of Commerce

Advertising Age
Target Marketing
Marketing & Media Decisions
Graphic Design:USA
Communication Arts 

Design Firms specialize in creative and will work with agencies and corporations.

Primary Contacts: 
Creative Director
Art Director

Tips: Some specialize in a particular market ( i.e. packaging, environmental, web design, etc.)
Double mark-up when design firms work with advertising agencies.
Some design firms work in COOP with advertising agencies.
Clients and projects will vary.

The Design Firm Directory
Graphic Artist Guild
Broadcast Designers Association
International Design by Electronics Assoc.
Type Directors Club
Society of Environmental Graphic Designers
Art Directors Club
AIGA Journal

Job Listing ADWEEK

Recruiters: (from freelance, part time and full time).

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