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Monday, July 17, 2017




Instructor: Lisa L. Cyr

NHIA Internships
Art Loft Meetings

This course will assist creatives in breaking through the competitive landscape with engaging, brand-savvy promotional materials, utilizing print, broadcast and new media. Topics such as branding, target marketing, integrated cross-media promotional initiatives, public relations and social media strategies will be covered. Students will also set business and marketing goals, create a personal identity system (letterhead, envelope, business card, labels and thank you cards), resume, CV, promotional video and online website targeted to their creative markets. Presentation, writing, collaboration and leadership skills will be strongly encouraged and nurtured throughout the course. 

I will be working with you to develop promotional materials for your future creative business. My goal is to not only assist you in elevating your brand but also guide you in properly positioning yourself in the creative marketplace. I am very excited to be working with you and look forward to a highly productive and creative semester. This is your opportunity to make your mark. Take the opportunity to do something really extraordinary, making an impact on your career for years to come!

1. Branding & Target Market: Define your brand, target market(s) and goals in a written form to be used as an internal guide to help you along your creative path. In a brief statement, define who you are as a creative, what you have to uniquely offer the world, who you want to do work for and what your goals are.

Branding & Target Marketing
Brand Worksheet
Mind Mapping
Bio Head Shots
Talking About Your Work Podcast

2. Journal:  You will maintain a class journal that will not only help you to obtain clarity as to who you are as a creative brand but also serve as a vehicle for marketing and promotional opportunities. You can use a binder or make a simple journal that you can easily organize your thoughts in sections. I would like you to do something creative on the cover to make it personal.

Making a Custom Journal
Art Journals

3. Personal Identity System: 
Business Card: 3 1/2" x 2", 2" x 3 1/2" 
or Custom size

Letterhead: 8 1/2" x 11"

Envelope (#10): 9 1/2" x 4 1/8" 
SEE the Postal Design Templates

Thank You Card(s): Make sure to fit inside a commercially available envelope (custom envelopes are costly)

Tutorial in InDesign

RESOURCES: (swatch samples, etc) 

Identity System Essentials
Example Identity Systems 
ID System Profiles

Sample ID Systems
Paper Finishes

Paper Suppliers: 
Neenah Paper 
Jam Paper

4. Professional Resume or CVupdated and designed on your letterhead. 

Resume Design Samples Here
Cover Letters

Here are the latest in color trends

Color Inspirations:
Adobe Color Wheel

5. Electronic Portfolio to be presented as a website, including the following:

1. Your work with captions.
2. About Me write-up, including an interesting head shot (can be a photo or illustration). 
About Me Pages from former students 
3. Contact Page without an info request prompt. 

Other points of navigation can include such things as press, client list, exhibitions and links to your social media sites and blog, etc.

Make sure the site is brand-aware and is cohesive with other promotional material.   

Portfolio Template-based Sites: 

Mailing List Building:
Mail Chimp
Constant Contact

Academic Honesty Policy: Plagiarism is unacceptable, unethical and illegal with repercussions that can be damaging professionally and financially. With the web, infringement lawsuits are abounding. Social media has also played a major part in outing intellectual property infringers, often providing evidence for the case. This is a very serious thing and is not a risk that you will want to embark on. Use your own work. If you have samples in your portfolio that are not entirely done by you, get written permission (signed release) to use them for your portfolio and promotion (online, video, print, exhibition and all known and yet to be known media) from each contributor, giving credits when necessary or required.  Always best to be honest, create your own work and get written permission for outside usage, crediting others for what they have done.    

SUGGESTED BOOKS: (not required)
I will be using Innovative Promotions that Work and The Art of Promotion as resources throughout the class. They will help you out a lot with your projects. The NHIA Library has a copy of each of the books and I will also have copies available for you in the classroom!

To make their audience stop, look, and listen, creatives need to produce memorable promotions that speak to a prospective client’s needs in unique and innovative ways. Rather than relying on any one venue, firms should penetrate their target market on many fronts. Image and brand-building initiatives, campaign endeavors, keepsake promotions, publication and newsletter promotions, event invitations, announcements and greeting cards can all be employed as ways to build brand recognition and make a long lasting impact with key clients. Whether a creative company is new and embarking on a launch or a seasoned firm looking to maintain or expand their market share, a distinctive promotion can prove to be very effective in calling attention to what a business has to uniquely offer. For creative professionals, both seasoned and newcomers, Innovative Promotions That Work shows how to create distinction through promotional initiatives that speak to the marketplace in ways that inspire, motivate and get response.

The Art of Promotion
With the overall decline in the global economy, many creatives find themselves at a crossroad. Work is no longer abundant and budgets have decreased significantly from years past. In today’s volatile marketplace, survival is dependent upon the ability to make an impact with key clients. The Art of Promotion offers innovative ways to create distinction. The author, Lisa L. Cyr, deconstructs a global array of exciting promotions to enable anyone to choose the right option for their budget, ability and market. The addition of insightful technical tips takes the fear out of venturing outside the norm. In addition, many pieces include cost-effective alternatives to achieving high-end effects. The book will enable both seasoned and newcomers to confidently employ alternative approaches and techniques. As creatives push the envelope and try new things, the industry evolves and grows as a result.

· Explores innovative production techniques to give any project the edge it needs to standout in the marketplace

· Features the use of unconventional surfaces and printing techniques; unique constructions, folds and die-cuts; interesting bindings, fasteners and wraps; and alternative uses and add-ons

· Provides valuable insight into the process behind a multitude of unconventional techniques

· Technical tips take the risk out of exploring outside the norm while “Do It for Less” sections provide cost-effective alternatives to high-end effects

· Special sidebars offer the latest in strategic approaches and marketing venues that will prove lucrative in the future

Instructor: Lisa L. Cyr

I will be working with you to create some amazing promotional work for your unique brand! I love teaching and working with other artists that are as passionate about the creative process as I am. You can check out an
 interview from The Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market on me that does a good job on explaining my philosophies on art, creativity and the importance of creative collaboration. To know a little about my background and interests there is another interview from CreateMixedMedia.

I have authored seven books as well as a hundreds of articles for many of the industry's leading art publications. In addition, I teach in several of the top MFA (Master of Fine Art) programs in the United States, assisting talented artists in elevating their brand and promoting their work. I have lectured and taught workshops at the following institutions:

American Institute of Graphic Arts
The Society of Illustrators, NYC
The Art Students League of NY
The National Illustration Conference
The Norman Rockwell Museum
Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
The Hartford Art School
University of the Arts
The Artist Network University
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online
NH Creative Club
Pratt Institute
Parsons School of Design
Savannah College of Art & Design
Kendall College of Art & Design
Southern Utah University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Syracuse University
Sage College of Albany
Marywood University
Kutztown University
New Jersey City University
The University of New Hampshire
The University of Kansas
Keene State College
Notre Dame College
NH Institute of Art
Rochester Institute of Technology
Delgado Community College
Sharon Arts Center
Northampton Community College
NYC Final Cut Pro
Rivier College
Notre Dame College
Hesser College

East Stroudsburg University 
Ohio Tourism Bureau 
Mohawk Valley Community College 
Shanghai Normal School Cultural Exchange

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