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Monday, January 5, 2015

Branding & Target Marketing

Before you can begin to put together a portfolio of work, you need to fully identify the unique voice and vision that you bring to the world, articulating what makes you different from the competition. A brand and market analysis is integral to establishing a clear picture of your work and determining its positioning in the marketplace. It will also guide me in assisting you in putting together the appropriate presentation and target market for your work.
If you have not yet established or identified an existing brand, it is best to start the process. Begin by taking an honest look at not only your working process and approach, experience, capabilities, client relations and market preferences but also your core beliefs and values, creative interests and aspirations. They are what collectively make your offerings unique. By defining your brand from the inside out, you are setting a foundation from which to strategically position yourself in the marketplace. You are also placing in the buyer’s mind a certain profile of what you have to uniquely offer. If you offer nothing unique, then you leave open the opportunity for buyers to seek alternatives. The profile that you create in this assignment is very important in that it will aid in not only your strategic positioning but also your overall presentation and promotional messaging.
Being selective in your approach to new business is essential to building your market value for the long term. By developing relationships with clientele that share your vision, you begin to build industry recognition and leverage to do like projects. Actively pursuing work under a synergistic approach is the best way to capitalize on what you do best. I will need you to define your target market(s). Since it is important to channel your time and money resources wisely, I want to focus on one particular target market at a time. If we create an initiative that is too generalized, you will lose impact with any one market. For the purpose of the course, we will focus our efforts on one key market.

You want to establish a clear picture of your target market in order to create something that will be appealing enough to motivate them to give you work! Please be very detailed in your evaluation. I will be reviewing your assignment and working with each of you to help you meet your goals. Some of you may need to improve on what you have provided. 
The Branding and Target Market Worksheet PDF will help you identify your unique position in the marketplace. It will also establish a target market for which a  strategy can be developed.


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